AI for Banking

Pinsight is using combination of state-of-the-art machine learning approaches and advanced traditional statistical analysis techniques to produce top notch, explainable results in fully automated manner.

Pinsight's AutoML for Finance and Banking
Client Experience
  • Done Determine client needs of specific products or services
  • Done Ensure stronger relationships with your clients
  • Done Anticipate client needs to support them when they need it
  • Done Come up with more personalized offers
  • Done Maximize client retention by customer data management
  • Done Analyze client price sensitivity and preferences
  • Done Anticipate client churn risk
  • Done Build accurate credit scoring modelss
  • Done Detect the business with the best risk-adjusted return to add to your portfolio
  • Done Actively and more effectively manage client portfolio
  • Done Use alaytics to get superior credit strategy in the market
  • Done Predict clients' potential financial stress and effectively intervane
  • Done Forecast probable losses on time and use the right strategy to prevent them
  • Done Reduce operational costs by process optimization
  • Done Improve pricing strategy to capture the best business opportunities
  • Done Optimize trading process to minimize costs
  • Done Match the best investment opportunities to potential investors
  • Done Identify the best marketing strategy to meet your goals
  • Done Monitor and manage the risks

Increase your revenue using
data-driven insights

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