AI for Finance

Mitigate and reduce your risks, optimize your portfolio and offer targeted financial products using AI-powered predictions and insights.

Pinsight for Finance and Banking

Credit Risk Scoring

  • Done Precise evaluation of potential risk when granting credit or lending money.
  • Done Present individualized credit score
  • Done Detect credit card churners
  • Done Satisfy regulatory demands to present reason codes for credit decisions that explain the critical factors in credit decisions
  • Done Identify people with no past credit score and determine whether they will be able to pay back the loan, giving more chances to Millennials

Risk Management

  • Done Provide precise individualized credit score
  • Done Uncover fraudulent transactions more effectively using supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms
  • Done NLP based solutions to use for frequent changes in compliance guidelines
  • Done Provide fast and accurate risk estimation using every financial and non-financial data


  • Done Improve your due diligence with AI-powered “enhanced due diligence”, presenting a broad and holistic view of a new client’s business relationship and financial activities
  • Done Save time by using automatic KYC verification to onboard clients in the highly complex and regulated financial sector
  • Done Reduce the cost of operations by accurately monitoring transactions using AI
  • Done Detect money laundering with pattern recognition of the customer’s transaction

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