AI for Marketing

Increse your marketing efficiency, personalize offers, conduct predictive lead scoring and responspe modeling using AI-powered predictions and insights.

Pinsight's AutoML for Finance and Banking
Lead Scoring
  • Done Decreasing the existing human error in traditional lead scoring
  • Done Identifying the ideal customer profile by combining the historical, demographic, current and past activity data
  • Done Generating a list of top priority leads, including information on each lead
  • Done Determining the most helpful factors in sales by finding patterns in qualified and under-qualified leads
  • Done Identifying previously missed patterns and helping to make data-driven sales decisions
  • Done Personalized marketing of content and offers by understanding the end-user preferences
  • Done Optimizing offers
  • Done Determining interested customers in a specific offer and only sending the deal to those customers
  • Done Helping the company to find the optimal action it must take during a customer interaction to lead a particular sale prospect to purchase
  • Done Offering the best collection of operations to help move individuals to the next stage of the selling process
  • Done Ability to obtain the best action even in complex settings by linking each sub-decision to rules
  • Done Predicting trends or likely future behaviour
Smart Segmentation
  • Done Helping companies to run more efficient marketing campaigns by knowing accurate customer segments
  • Done Obtaining customer segments in a short amount of time thanks to the AI algorithms that find regularities in data.
  • Done Maximizing the ROI and minimizing the CPA by targeting the right segment of customers
  • Done Leverages the use of Big Data to offer more accurate actions to the right segments
  • Done Create ideal touch for each customer by finding patterns in their data
  • Done Ensuring to target the right customer’s niche

Supercharge your marketing
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