AI for Security

Detect anomalous and potentially fraudulent behaviour, analyze treat, and learn behavior patterns using AI-powered predictions and insights.

Pinsight for Cybersecurity

Preventing and Detecting Attacks

  • Done Detecting malicious activity faster
  • Done Stopping attacks before they start
  • Done Helping human analysts with different parts of their job, including malicious attack detection, network analysis and endpoint protection
  • Done Automating repetitive security tasks hence the security team can concentrate on more important matters

Fraud Detection

  • Done Finding fraud patterns and using the patterns to detect fraud
  • Done Providing reason code to mark the transaction
  • Done Actively and more effectively manage client portfolio
  • Done Learning and applying the reasoning after a transaction was not detected as fraud

Money Laundering Detection

  • Done Finding anomalies by analyzing complex time-series data
  • Done Finding suspicious transactions and flagging them based on the priority to investigate
  • Done Providing reason codes for flagging the transaction can tell the investigator where they should look to uncover issues
  • Done Match the best investment opportunities to potential investors
  • Done After finishing the investigation, AI model’s learn to avoid patterns that don’t lead to money laundering

Automate fraud and treat

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