AI for Telecom

Reduce customer churn, optimize and personalize package offerings, monetize big data using AI-powered predictions and insights.

Customer Support

  • Done Creating a more efficient customer support process by using predictive analysis to come up with probable reasons causing a problem and address them promptly
  • Done Reducing the number of unnecessary service calls by using ML and NLP in predicting issues before they happen and answering customers specific questions before they call
  • Done Having more free time for the technician’s side to concentrate on the repair or network
  • Done Improving customer stickiness and satisfaction by implementing AI and reducing the service time while increasing the support service quality

Customer Service

  • Done Predicting if the customer will churn or not and Saving costs by retaining customer that can be less costly than acquiring new ones
  • Done Having a more precise understanding, to which group of customers a service bundle should the company offer
  • Done Improve customer experience by helping the company track all the communication it has with customers, which will help telecom companies understand the performance of their system and the quality of services provided by them, such as billing and complaint redressal.


  • Done Using trained AI algorithms to prevent cybersecurity attacks by detecting simplest to the unlikely form of threats
  • Done Keeping customers and the company safe from fraud by detecting fraudulent activities, patterns and anomalies abruptly
  • Done Detecting and preventing DoS attacks

Personalize your offers using
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