LLMs for Data Analytics and Document Understanding

Pinsight is building open source large language and vision language models (LLMs and VLMs) that are able to conduct analytics and extract insights from both structured and unstructured/scanned documents.

Why Pinsight?

With commercial solutions like ChatGPT and BARD leading the market, we oftentimes are asked why should someone prefer our models over commercial giants.

  • Customizable and Open Source

    Our models are open source and hosted publicly. You can use them for free and customize them to your needs. This level of customization is not provided by commercial models.

  • High quality

    ChatGPT and BARD are great generic assistants. Pinsight is building narrow, specialized expert assistants that excel in data analytics and reading scanned documents.

  • Private and Comliant

    Our models can be hosted behind your firewall and meant to be used in privacy preserving setting ensuring complience level required by GDPR, SOC2 and HIPAA complient companies.

Built on Unicorn Platform